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4 Great Beach Proposal Ideas to Help You Land That Yes!

So, you're thinking about proposing to the love of your life. That's awesome, and congratulations in advance! Now, the chances are that you’re still choosing a place to do the proposal. If you're looking to propose on the beach, we have some tips for you to make it a truly remarkable moment.

Here are four awesome beach proposal ideas to help you land that "yes!":

1. Picnic Under the Moonlight

One fantastic idea that we believe everyone should have a go at is a beautiful picnic next to the sea under the moon. Just imagine the two of you sitting by the sea enjoying a light meal alongside your favorite drink. The relaxing aura of the beach, coupled with the serene atmosphere the moon casts onto the environment, is just the most pleasant thing in the world.

While all that is going on, tell the love of your life how beautiful the moon looks. Reach into the picnic basket and whip out a ring and hold her hand, saying, "But nothing is as beautiful as you are." Watch as her face turns to the realization that you're proposing to her.

2. Message in a Bottle

We're sure that you've heard of some stories where someone finds the love of their life from a message in a bottle. Now, you can reenact it!

Take your partner out for a walk on the beach or even a picnic. While walking, point out at a distance, saying that you saw something. Run up to it and take out a small bottle out of your pocket with a note to propose to her. Bring the bottle back and let her open it. Watch patiently as she reads the message, watching as she slowly realizes what's going on. With that, get down to your knees and ask her to be yours forever!

3. By a Bonfire

There is just this magical aura around watching a bonfire at night that we cannot explain. Perhaps it is the glow of the flame or the warmth it emits. Whatever it is, we can all agree that the aura around such a bonfire is quite romantic.

While the two of you cuddle together by a bonfire, start by comparing her with the fire. Tell her that she is the flame in your heart, the light of your life. Tell her that you want this fire to be with you for the rest of your life and place a ring right in front of her.

4. Take a Knee

If you can't bother with any of the above ideas, you can go old-school and do it on your knee! Take her out for a pleasant stroll on the beach, commenting on all the beauty that nature has in store for both of you.

When you finally feel that the time is right, while holding her hand, stop and face her. Get down on your knees and slowly tell her what she means to you. Of course, your heart, along with hers, will be racing, so take your time. You both know what is going on, and you both can't wait for that phrase she wants to hear and the reply that follows.

In conclusion, whatever you decide to do on the beach to propose to her, plan it out properly. You don't want to look embarrassed or like a fool by jumbling your words or having her figure out your schemes. Of course, this doesn't mean that you've failed, and you'll still have your chance of finally saying those beautiful words, "Will you marry me?" We hope that you get the reply you want!

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