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4 Romantic Beaches in Phuket

If you're trying to plan a romantic getaway in Phuket, there is no better way than to spend your precious time at the beach. While your evenings can be spent in romantic dinner sessions, you aren't going to eat dinner from sunrise to sunset. At the beach, though, you're given plenty of opportunities to spend some sweet time with your significant other, enjoying one another's company and building your relationship.

With that said, it helps to know which beaches in Phuket offer the most romantic auras. Once you step out of your suite at The Galleri by Kathathani, head to one of these four idyllic locations:

1. Surin Beach

Surin Beach originally sported high-end venues like clubs to attract tourists. However, they were soon removed to maintain the relaxing and natural atmosphere Surin Beach is now known for. If you visit this stunning beach, you'll be greeted with a peaceful atmosphere, perfect for the two of you to walk around. Since there aren't any rocky surfaces below the waters, swimming in the sea is also an excellent and enjoyable activity.

With most venues gone, reaching amenities such as restaurants will take longer on foot. Even so, this is an excellent excuse to bring your partner on a romantic stroll on the sands.

2. Ya Nui Beach

Of all the beaches in Phuket, Ya Nui Beach is one of the smallest around. However, despite its smaller size, it is one of the most popular. Unfortunately, this might be a problem if you are looking for a peaceful place to spend a romantic time with your partner. However, with its stunning sand and striking rock formations, the area is worth the visit!

With restaurants sitting behind the palm trees that line the beach, you can easily spend the whole day here participating in various exciting activities. If you don't mind a little busier place to spend romantic time with your partner, Ya Nui Beach is perfect for you.

3. Nakalay Beach

If you're looking for a place that offers a genuinely romantic restaurant right on the sands of the beaches, Nakalay Beach has just the venue. You'll also find Thavorn Beach Village Resort, offering all kinds of facilities to beach-goers. Nakalay Beach is the best place for you and your partner to relax without worrying about missing any essential commodities.

You can also book at the resort to enjoy all that the beach and the resort have to offer. If you're looking to stay away from the crowds or perhaps even the noise of a famous beach, Nakalay Beach should be on top of your list.

4. Kamala Beach

When you want to spend your day in the absence of the crowd, Kamala Beach is the place to be. With trees lining the beach and a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, you and your partner can spend the whole day laid back on the beach under the shade of the trees.

One aspect that makes Kamala Beach incredibly romantic is the fact that on one end of the beach lies different boats. Over there, plenty of to-be-wedded couples take their pictures as the place looks romantic. If you want to take a few pictures of you and your loved one, don't forget to take a few by the boats.

Phuket has plenty of beaches, all with its own unique and romantic property. You can never go wrong by visiting the four we've mentioned here. However, feel free to explore all the beaches in the beautiful province. More often than not, you'll find one that you can genuinely connect with your loved one.

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