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3 Things You Can Expect from a Thai-Style Wedding

No matter who you are, one of the best places you can ever get wedded to the love of your life is in Phuket. Thanks to the natural beauty the site has in store, it makes any wedding one-of-a-kind and truly remarkable. With that said, you're not restricted to a western-style wedding here. If you wanted to, you could enjoy a Thai-style wedding! Many hotels and resorts can do this, and some even offer the entire wedding ceremony as one package. Some tours might also offer under-water weddings if you are that wild!

A Thai Wedding

If you've never experienced a Thai wedding, expect it not to resemble anything near a western-style wedding. However, there are some ceremonies within a Thai wedding ceremony itself that you can integrate into a western-style wedding to make the entire experience much more unique and local. Interested in enjoying a Thai wedding to be forever united with your loved one? Here are the three things you can expect:

1. The Monk Blessing

Typically held in the morning, Thai weddings begin with chants from the monk. The chanting is a prayer made to bless the bride and groom who, while the monk chants, is offering food and other items to the monk to make merit. If you're planning to do this aspect of the ceremony in the afternoon, you might be a little disappointed. That's because the food you're going to offer to the monk must be eaten before midday. If you didn't know, monks aren't allowed to eat anything past noon.

2. The Thai Wedding Dance

A Thai wedding dance is usually performed by a couple of dancers, all of which are clothed in traditional Thai dresses. During the ceremony, they'll wait until the vows have been exchanged between the bride and groom, and the certificate to officiate the joining is signed. Once that's done, they'll come up to perform more so for the couple than the audience to bless the newly wedded.

3. The Water Blessing

During the ceremony, monks will have a decorative bowl with them filled with water that has been previously blessed in a temple. They scoop out this water with a shell and pour it over the bride's and groom's hand as a blessing. Once they're done with that, the monks will congratulate the couple on the wedding and wish a bright and happy future ahead. After that, the water is also poured on the groom's parents then the bride's parents. Once that's done, all the guests that are attending the wedding will have the water poured on their hands. During all of this, the couple will have flowers placed on their head, as well as a string attached between the two, a symbol that the bride and groom are united to become one.


If you can, we highly recommend that you participate in a Thai wedding. It really is a one-of-a-kind ceremony. Plus, if you're bored of the typical western-style marriage, or that you're marrying a Thai partner, there's no better excuse than that! Plus, with so many resorts and hotels willing to cater the ceremony to you, you don't have to stress out trying to plan a foreign-style wedding. Instead, you’re tasked to enjoy it all! Are you for a resort that offers excellent wedding packages in Phuket? Put us on top of your list! Visit our website and reach out to us to see how we can help you at The Galleri by Katathani.

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