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Fun Activities to Do at the Beach With Your Family

Going and spending time at the beach has long been a favorite bonding activity of families across the world. Just being in the presence of the fresh, salty breeze, the calming waves, and the smiling sun allow for family fun. But sometimes, just chilling on the seashore and creating sandcastles aren't enough to keep the whole family engaged. You would need to get creative and do some planning if you want to delight everyone. To make your next beach trip extra enjoyable and memorable, below is a list of unique activities that can be fun for you and the whole family:

Play beach bowling.

You don't have to head to a bowling alley to knock down some pins. You can create your own bowling lanes right on the sand. All you have to do make a lane is to flatten out several feet of sand and at the end of the lane, use wet sand to mold 10 small bowling pins. Each member of the family can then take turns rolling a rubber ball down each makeshift lane to see who can get the highest score.

Relay race

You can never go wrong with a good 'ol relay race. An all-time favorite game for kids, you can infuse a beachy twist on the traditional egg and spoon relay race — all you need is a plastic cup and a water pail for each participant. Line up the buckets on the sand in a row and have each participant run up the water, fill up the cup, then run back to the pail and empty their cup into it. The first one to fill their pail completely with water wins the race.

Beach treasure hunt

If you want to up the ante, you can do a beach treasure hunt. First, make a list of common beach items your kids can find on the shore. Base the length and contents of your list on the age of the children playing. You can include things like rocks, shells, hermit crabs, seaweeds, and a feather. You then each give a child a copy of the list and a large cup or pail. The first one who finds all the items in the list wins.

Bucket run

Another energy-intensive activity is the bucket run, which will allow everyone to unleash their inner warrior. For this one, you would need multiple buckets. Fill each bucket with sand until it's full. Then, pick a spot on the beach that you'll run to and about 50 yards out. You can use beach chairs or towels as a marker. As for the rules, you and one other person race each other to the markers while carrying a bucket in each hand. This game will allow you to engage your muscle strength and endurance. If younger kids are involved, you can just fill up the buckets halfway or have them run without holding anything. After spending all day at the beach playing, the family, of course, would need to head back to a place where they can relax. The Galleri by Katathani can serve as the perfect resort for your whole crew. Book a stay with us today.

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