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Kata Beach_ For Adventurers That Are Looking to Relax

Kata Beach: For Adventurers That Are Looking to Relax

Adventurous vacationers who have their hearts set on visiting Phuket should consider staying at Kata Beach. There are plenty of more famous destinations nearby--Phi Phi Island in Krabi, James Bond Island in Phang Nga, and Patong Beach--but Kata is becoming a preferred destination for those who want fewer crowds but all of the adventure from these other places. If you’re raring to catch some waves or do other sports, and are a fan of lowkey beaches, read on for our beginner’s guide to Kata Beach.

Getting to Kata

There are many options to get to Kata Beach. From Phuket airport, all you need to do is catch a minibus or a taxi. The taxi costs 1000 baht and will take you straight to Kata. If you don’t mind transferring vehicles, you can also board a minibus. These will go from the airport to the town proper and only costs 200 baht. From the town, you can board a bus bound for Kata. You can find them on Ranong Road, and a trip will cost 40 baht. There are also taxis in town that can take you to Kata for 500 baht. If you’re coming from neighboring Patong Beach, the commute will cost 200 baht for a tuk-tuk, and 400 for a taxi.

Kata Beach for the sports fan

The crowd on Kata is usually the young, energetic set--there are plenty of families with children, and athletic types enjoying water sports. Kata has parasailing, banana boats, paddle boarding, and surfing, among many others. There are plenty of accredited shops offering rental and tutorial packages in town, so you will have a variety to choose from.

Kata Beach’s nightlife

Because Kata is not as crowded as Patong, its nightlife is more laidback. However, there are still plenty of places to go after sunset. Notably, there is Red Bar at The Galleri, which is beside the hotel pool and overlooks the Andaman Sea and surrounding vistas. The Boathouse, which is just off Koktanode Road and is well-known for its food. Having dinner here is lovely, as you get the cool breeze from the ocean and a lovely nighttime view. Apart from these two, you have your pick from dozens of other restaurants and bars, from various types of cuisine worldwide.

Accomodations at Kata

There are plenty of excellent hotels tucked away in the Kata Beach area. The Galleri by Katathani is a stylish hotel that would appeal to the youthful, sporty traveler in you. Its modern rooms are equipped with WiFi and all the usual amenities, but you would not want to go online because you’d have gorgeous views of Kata Noi and the sea from your bed. The Galleri, like plenty of other hotels in Kata, is a few minutes away from the beach. From the hotel premises, you actually have access to two beaches--Kata, where the sports and nightlife spots are, and Kata Noi, the quiet, more secluded one. Kata Noi is closer to The Galleri by Katathani, and Kata is well worth the short trip you will make. Try spending a day at both to more fully experience the different things Kata has to offer.

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